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Planck Foundation will promote these 12 publications (2 Analyses and 10 Models) by the above 15 methods in as many countries as possible. This will be done commercial as commercial activities are stronger due the fact they create their own 'fuel' and honors the people that contribute. 50% of the profit made on these exposure is for the concerned nation initial organization and 50% is for building the needed global infrastructures. Initial national startups can be sponsored, funded and/or subsidized. Example: the Dutch export authorities stimulates export activities of any product/service to any country in the world with a 50% initial cost arrangement. These arrangements can be called in to support the initial activities in a country and the realized turnover by 1 to 15 can be used for both the national initial as the global facilitating (technologies and models) structure. The commercial approach is needed for powering the global roll-out. Any action has a time consumption and facilitating cost price facet. Sometimes also local/regional/national/continental governmental structures will support the roll-out of these Analyses, Models and Technologies by subsidizing them for initiating in their regions.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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