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Planck Foundation will finish soon beside the 2 Analyses, the production of 12 Generic Models needed for easy channeling a quick transition of economies to lower energy based prosperity. After awakening by the Analyses, there will be a need for concrete, practical Models to act upon this awareness. The Models are mend to facilitate a transition from high energy economy to a low energy economy much more easier: lying the rails for the train to ride on quick/simple/easy/instantly. The Models 1) prevent wasting any precious transition time by confusion after awareness by the Analyses and 2) empowering the changes by plug-in intelligence/routines/designs giving RWA (ready, willing and able) forces the channeling/speed that they need. The 12 Models currently in developing by Planck Foundation are: the Action Model, the Communication Model, the Localization Model, the Production Model, the Mobility Model, the Transport Model, the Currency Model, the Privacy Model, the Peace Model, the Political Model, the Knowledge Model and the Finance Model. All these ten transition channeling Generic Models of the Planck Foundation will be ready for download on the website (and also for publishing by book publishers) soon.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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