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Planck Foundation will guide these 12 publications (2 Analyses and 10 Models) to the realization of a full local municipals focused digital Global Development Movement: a completely user driven local development focused digital structure (regardless the word global in the name strangely full focused on local development). All other current development organizations are organized hierarchically (top is leading), but this one is organized reversed (local is leading) and there is even no top, this could just make the difference, multiplying effects with a huge number. No organization, just a local initiatives enforcing movement. Not managing, just facilitating them with digital facilities. How to realize? Just by initiating a team of digital facilitation creators, a team that organize/handle global press relations/exposure and a team that handle/process reactions. A powerless facility organization, that facilitates local changes on global scale. In the first plans (developed back in the '70ties and '80ties) it was the Global Development Orga­ni­­zation, in the old concept formed by several functional daughter organizations: a World Energy Organization, a World Water Organization, a World Housing Organization, a World Farming Organization and a World Digital Organi­zation. The last because digital communication will become even more important as travel becomes more expensive. It was designed to replacing the ICANN, ending the unilateral US ownership of the global internet root. Also ending political/brands focuses/influences that plays a dominant role by ICANN. Starting active functional focusing, active targeting to IP6 and the decentralization of the internet by local exchanges every­where. But the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) is a much better mother for this technological global organization, the ICANN should transfer all their functions to them. Unilateral ownership of such a thing as the global internet is no longer a valid option in a global society, regardless the history of TCP/IP and DNS. Very good capable in ensuring these neutral non political just database driven issues. Just like they we're intended to do based on X25 en X400 standards before TCP/IP standard pushed these two ITU defined standards for internet and email of the market. But while designing the initiative framework of these organizations the problems/solutions became more and more connected with each other and start to have one mutual facet: the best solvable local action. Local is the central binding facet. Energy, Water, Housing, Farming and Commu­nication are just facets that are needed local everywhere in the world. And one other huge facet: Only on local level actions are simple to realize without complex and developments stalling/paralyzing politics. Government gets less effective, more complex and certainly more corrupt as the distance to civilians gets wider. Local is becoming the main facet of every person on earth: his own local environment is what drives a person the most as energy prices 'tax' distances (transport and travel) severely. The world needs no new organization, nor any organization will be able to initiate itself and initiate/steer developments in the limited transition time frame that PeakOil provide us (due we haven't started in the '70ties, but we started as the oil production has peaked already). The only method that can provide globally and instant local development is a movement: hundreds of thousand local initiatives that starts at once. The answer to PeakOil is not coming for national governments: it is coming from local governments. Just because they're used to talk less and act more and address problems directly, not interfered by huge interest powers. Local governments just can initiate very easy and very quick the right things for their local economies. The emperor of the 21st century is the local mayor.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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