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Planck Foundation also can use as locations the initial teams: Exposure team, the Digital Structure team, the Development team and the Movement Initiating team the buildings of a semi/half abandoned village in the North East of France (Vosges Mountains). In this case it will also the global advanced localization demonstration village of vibrant local prosperity model. An actual realized demo low budget high tech village is certainly not a bad idea. The budget of the concept village will be limited to housing (building changes) and food (local grown) budgets. Attracting only very motivated/dedicated people and exclude the gold diggers that are not needed. In Amsterdam, Berlin or other world cities there are also some suitable (governmental sponsoring or corporate sponsoring driven) locations available for a demonstrating concept initiative. It's just waiting for some city that offers a housing suitable solution in combination with some corporate sponsoring. As it will gets a lot of global media attention the sponsors will certainly benefit of it severely. On the other hand: the 'practicing what you preach' model also could lead to a totally/completely digital/online based initial facilities/functions generation community with no own realized prototypes demonstrating environment, but just collecting/publishing the experiences of others. Very soon these prototypes will be initiated by almost any government and each local government will initiate/subsidize a demo house and a demo office.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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