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If there are local initiative: sponsor a local initiative: help the initiator and/or the team who wants to start a local vibrant prosperity initiative. Or sponsor a regional/national initiative. Local a national initiative. Planck Foundation certainly also searches large sponsors for both the above described exposure (in return: huge and high impact exposure by a very interesting, attractive and decision making audience) as for realization/building the Movement (in return: time limited banner exposure by a very interesting/attractive audience). People, companies, organizations and governments that underwrites the above mentioned actions and actual want to support them, public or silent. By giving the Analyses, Models, Movement some of the above described exposure (the best way) or more financial (paying for a part of the above described actions, just visit the website to find ways to do this). National, regional, local governments: make it possible that a team could implement all this to your economy and society. Just plug in the intellectual power of the whole content. The best marriage between global and local. National government, city governments, local business groups: create/donate space for an information center. A non-digital place in real life where people/students/schools/universities/businesses can come to if they want to see and touch physically the solutions, models pictures, physical miniature models. It takes just an office place, a little operational budget and one or two really motivated organizers to get such a local/regional/national center rolling. The budget will come from the initial sponsor Each order issued to them will give each Global Development Movement initiative an extra budget to build further the Digital Facilities. And maybe from other sponsors. Although everything is done digitally and low budget the sponsoring will determine the time needed from August 2008 till realization of the above described Exposure and the beneath described Movement: budgets equals timeline. The Facilities (the digital structure) of the Movement will be made as much as possible in an online community, the best way to do this type of development, although managing it needs special experience. Planck Foundation may use a 1020 square meter building owned by Indus Capital in Germany where a part of the initial organization can be located, but that building needs changes/adjustments to host people.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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