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The current economic model that was (not is) fueled by cheap and abundant energy is bound to be replaced with a low energy model or it will collapse automatically by energy prices/deficits. Transition to a new economy, based on low energy demand is what we need if we want to reduce turbulence and abolish collapse. Maybe we find a new cheap/abundant source of energy in the future, that should be nice, but for now we must deal with the current situation and maintain as much as possible prosperity in energy expensive times. After decades that growth in prosperity equals has risen with growth in energy demand, we must find maximal prosperity against lowest energy demand. This by the price rise of energy. Energy prices are damaging / are contrary to prosperity. Energy gives economic growth, energy prices give economic decline. This must change if the wants prosperity. The price of energy we can not control very good (only by technology), but economic models we can change (not with state forced power, but just by choices based on energy prices). Is low energy prosperity possible? Yes, but we need to a lot of things quite different than we do today. Major changes? Transport and Travel. Local prosperity will be the economic concept of the 21st century.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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