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Sidewinds makes right/soft landings on landing strips much more difficult for planes (and can cause crashes beside the landing strips), makes reaching wanted destinations/harbors more difficult for ships (and can cause shipwreck on unwanted beaches). In the credit, energy and water issues, sidewinds can play a huge role in causing really huge problems. Sidewinds are caused by opinion leaders that have a certain authority, but doesn't understand the current situation because the have made their opinion based on some facets of the past, but doesn't have the whole current picture, with all its facts and developments. By their historically or function attached authority some important people can give severe sidewinds and cause this way hard landings, crashes, shipwrecks (just call it what you want to call it), but sidewinds doesn't give a pleasant trip nor a safe arrival without damage. Sidewind people certainly should think about the damage they cause. Authority comes with responsibility.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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