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The problems of the Water Crisis are severely under estimated by many political/economic/financial leaders. Water has three markets: domestic, industrial and agricultural. No (clean) water, higher water costs, higher water purifying costs, less corporate profits, less industry, less jobs, less economy. Less (clean) water, more illness, more illness costs, less well-being, more water costs, less personal/household prosperity. But agriculture is really all about water, consuming 80% of the world water use. Agriculture stops when water becomes scare and thereby expensive. Water is about availability and quality. Authorities who doesn't see the Water Crisis, doesn't have a future. No (clean) water, no life/economy, no future. In China the water sidewinders are put out of office in 2008: they have giving the nation a severe problem with mega water pollution. Authorities who doesn't recognize the water problem, doesn't talk about it, nor address it just rob nations of their future/prosperity. The best thing nations can do is get ride of them before the problems have become irreversible in size. Ground water is a limited resource that becomes finite when is used overstretched. Surface water is a limited source that become finite if used overstretched or become not useable when polluted. Water is hygiene, prosperity, economy and food. Water needs governmental policies if they will survive.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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