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Electronic trading resources the energy and also other costs of trading severely. Less shops, less offices, less travel. Information has going digital, communication has gone digital, trade will always follow those two. Capital is the ship that always sails on all information/communication rivers/seas. Digital trading makes products available both cheaper and on more locations. Digital trading is also one of the concepts of cities undermining developments. Trade is one of reason for existing for cities and it goes digitally at high speed. Digitally trade had some sever benefits: Low barriers for both supply and demand, more specification based, more ways of products and services temptation, more cashout efficiency, larger assortments, lower costs, remembering of preferences, extended product information, no closing times, no travel times, free product news feeds, etc, etc. Digitally trade will improved with geo location tools as transport become more expensive. Digital traders will made alliances with similar partners in other areas. Advertising will become more geo location targeted. Geo targeted digitally trade is very cost effective and contributes huge to prosperity levels and by this is a huge tailwind in times of PeakOil. Amazon has filled the gap when other market parties weren't ready. But in 2008 almost any trade and supplier is digital trading ready.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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