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Financial engineering is needed and already done. The Finance Model attached to this analysis will give you information about a global model for instant huge energy investments (both large central, as massive decentral) in large numbers worldwide for the total amount of one year world GDP. In a model that is realizable in a severe by subprime caused down writing hit financial market. It's based on a combination of backwards guarantees, forwards guarantees, specification focused fixed amount tendering and performance bonds, all covered with governmental and commercial insurances. Making Action Plans is one thing: Knowing how to address it and stimulate the needed changes. Knowing how to finance the investments needed for these changes is an other thing. This analysis has a Finance Model attached. Use it to make your Finance Plan for the transition of your economy, government, company and household. The attached Finance Model is suitable, even in times of a wounded financial world by the American Credit Bubble Crisis. The Finance Model is based on both backwards and forwards guarantees, backed up by commercial and governmental guarantees. It's the only model is suitable of facilitating the huge capital demand needed for global transition away from Expensive Carbons. The attached Finance Model has two main benefits: 1) facilitating the finance of huge central energy investments for each economy worldwide and 2) by financial engineering attached to those huge central investments also creating a national equity fund of the same huge size as the huge central investments for making financing massive decentral investments possible.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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