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The development of powerful OS'es (Operation Systems) has lift computer based efficiency enormously. Before Windows every program must address by its selves the keyboard, the screen, the mouse, the scanner, the printer, etc, etc. After the introduction of Windows program manufacturers could focus themselves on their specific program specific knowledge area and leave basic system functionalities to Windows. This of course made function specific programming a lot more easier. Linux is a same development. An OS is just a well functioning collection of supporting programs around a core program (often called: the kernel). Programmers that develop based on an OS can leave a lot of work just to the OS. Using programs other programmers has ready already. Using third party building blocks, like building a house and not making own stones, but just used by third party manufactured stones. Using other peoples work over and over again, that's a huge blast in efficiency. Making programming specific functions as 'simple' as doing only that.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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