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Water conservation is sector of the economy which is not developed for more that 5% of it's potential. Faucets and douches can use easily 50% less water by very simple to implement cheap plastic solutions. Irrigation can be improved and in tropical countries even can reduce their water need with 100% by switching to the condensation of air moisture concept, powered by a closed earth cold cooled water system. Industrial processes are almost all yet designed on cheap water and can be made much more water efficient. Water conservation technology is only just born. Israel, Palestine and other Middle East nations are frontrunners in this development, by their achievements to make the desert green. Good conservation technologies brings peace in regions with water shortages. Regional water initiatives can multiple the water usability of the limited water resources for the whole region by all together implementing the same effective water conservation technologies. Joint conservation technologies (as in joint water usability improvement) is the receipt for preventing water driven tensions/wars.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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