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Floods not only demolish years of economic progress. They also pollute the water reservoirs and the even sometimes the water distribution system. The most casualties due to floods occur not by the floods, but in the months after the floods due to polluted water use. Sea originated floods can due to the salination effects of it, make effective agriculture for years impossible. New types of crops can grow on salinated soil and play a role in a speed-up of the desalination process. The FAO needs both a sea agricultural unit and a salt agricultural unit. Stimulating seabased agriculture (and the marketing of it's products). Offering knowledge about crops that plays a role in high speed water removal. Offering knowledge about crops that can grow in salinated soils and can desalinated soils more quickly. These crops also can grow by sea water mixed based salinated irrigation. The world doesn't need aid campaigns after floods, the world needs knowledge based action after floods. US Aid is a perfect example of an organization capable of developing these kinds of practical/effective aid. It can support the 'US Brand' after years of value decline of the US brand due to not smart 'marketing' moves.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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