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Water is a historical a pure/mainly local facet. Today the local importance still stands. Water is an important facet in each community. Water availability and water quality can be lead to the most micro level of communities: the households, the offices, the restaurants, the hotels, the pubs, the warehouses and the factories. In all this buildings roofwater can be stored (needs adjustments/facilities on micro level), in all this buildings waste water can be treated (needs adjustments/facilities on micro level). Water must not be seen as standalone facet. Standalone solutions are not what economies needs in the 21st century. Roofwater storages is recycling and thereby less water demand, improving the water balance sheet of a village/city. Water purification is water recycling and thereby less water demand, improving the water balance sheet of a village/city. Micro roofwater storage and wastewater treatment lowers the pressure on public sewage systems and public water purification installations and the financial pressure to extend/renew these investments. Integration of micro solutions with the municipal budgets. Governments certainly must address water pollution, as groundwater resources are depleting rapidly and surface water will become the main water source. Municipals will initiate water reservoirs for storing water in times of abundant rain. This can be combined with local nature/leisure plans. Municipals with a water deficit needs to dig canals or the invest in pipelines and purchase water elsewhere at costs for purchase and for transport (above the current costs of purification). When investing in canals or pipelines is combined with also adding fiber infrastructures to that route the municipal gets more return for less more investment. Water is the luxury of daily life, water is hygiene, water is local food (not only agriculture, also fish), water is local leisure (and tourist income), water is local economy (industries), water is local governmental budgets. Municipals has due the Credit Crisis and economic decline less credit facilities and less budgets due to less income and higher costs.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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