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The seas/oceans can play a huge role in the Water Crisis. Food can be made in aquaculture instead of in agriculture only. Vegetables, algae's, fish and other sea fruit. Integration is everywhere (and so also here) the key word. Integration with energy storage, energy production, etc, etc. In nations with lowlands (Holland, Belgium, Bangladesh, etc) fighting the power of the ocean is maybe not a good concept and accepting the power of the ocean is maybe a better concept. In Holland their a hollow dike initiative: creating hollow circle (dikes) or plateau (terps) artificial structures that rise the expensive investments above the lowlands, protecting these investments by rising them instead of by rising the dikes. Giving huge commercial spaces in these hollow artificial structures that can be used for food production based on Grow|OS food production technology. Lowering both interest rates and insurance fees on these 'lifted' investments. Giving double use of soil space.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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