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Nations that will put (like an ostrich) their governmental/economic/societal head in the ground for the coming PeakOil related developments will be hit severely. Economic, societal and governmental. Just because cheap oil is what the build on, and it that foundation is taken away, their model collapse. Doom scenario's only will become reality as nations not anticipate on PeakOil related issues, if they anticipate, and they to this on time (as in: now) the doom scenario's will pass the nation certainly, only causing some minor problems. When they anticipate (and they do this not too late) they will get stronger, sustainable and with more prosperity and more well-being trough and after PeakOil. In the other hand: The effect of not waking up is economic, societal and governmental dire straits. The premium for waking up is giant. Waking up really pays off. The price of staying asleep is beyond exceptions.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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