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First we address the possible Climate Change attached dangers, because they are (if they should happen) severe and could be create a situation in which we could have an (dire straits)2 global situation. The maybe (as in: absolutely not proven yet, and certainly still yet disputable) effects of Climate Change can also be analyzed in just one evening on Google and YouTube. The chance on Climate Change is maybe overrated, but the effects of Climate Change (if it should happen) are severely underrated. Climate Change (if it should occur) is on massive economic destruction on global scale. Climate Change is certainly not about some degrees more attractive and relaxing higher temperature on land (but some countries near the equator are already on their for human beings, flora and fauna maximum temperature, and the Sahara Region has already oversized that line). It's maybe also not about some sea level rise (water has by 4 degrees Celsius its most compact volume, colder or warmer its volume increase) which is a local problem for a few low landed countries and also for many of the major sea border located world cities who are historical developed from low localized harbor cities, unfortunately this is the case by 80% of all the global metropoles, which home 50% of the world's population and economic centers. Climate Change is also mainly about the risk that the ocean currents stop (making the equator region much more heater and the north and the south severe colder) and also the possible impact of that on the earth polarity. There are two 'pumps' on the ocean currents: 1) cold water is more dense and therefore heavier, and 2) water that becomes ice on the poles has no salt, leaving the remaining water more saltier, salt water is more heavier. These two facets are the pumps of the global airco that the ocean currents are. Climate Change is therefore about more heath in the tropics, less warmth in the northern and southern parts of the world and therefore mostly and globally about more heavy storms, rains and droughts (with al the severe economic damages of it) all over the world. Climate Change is also certainly about to much or to less water. Climate Change is not a consumer weather consuming problem or an environmental problem, it's an ecological driven economic problem that can cause severe regional political problems and geo political problems.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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