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On of the things overpowered governments could do by the Patriot Act and the Home Security Act is the installation of Martial Law as they think this is needed. The implementation of non democratic Martial Law will become a real danger in economies and societies that hasn't address PeakOil related issues and therefore will be hit severely by it effects. Taking the whole Constitution and Bill of Rights (short temporarily or long till governmental collapse) out of order, by replacing it by an unknown absolute/mono power of the government/military, which will end all civil rights. Martial Law is different from the State of Emergency, which is applicable by heavy nature disasters (New Orleans from Katrina till today) and social unrest like the riots (Los Angeles). Some information on Martial Law on the Internet can be found for research: Wikipedia: Footage of a FEMA concentration camp on Footage of some questions and answers about Rex84 at the Iran Contra hearings on the spending purposes of the on weapons trade earned money in 1987 on Wikipedia describes Rex84 more extended on Governments must address PeakOil, not preparing for the worst, but avoiding the worst. If they do so, the effects of PeakOil will not (or very light) effect their economy. PeakOil is a challenge for governments. A challenge even in size than winning World War II. Winning World War II has been accomplished. Addressing PeakOil also can be accomplished. And yes it will lead to less importance of federal government structures.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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