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By the lessons learned of the torments of World War II, there is certainly the need for a new type of Global War Prevention agreement. Not just an other organization, but just a new Geneva II Agreement. A multilateral agreement concerning resources, that more and more countries could under sign as the like. Just a conference (not related to any current global organization (something like the Global Peace Organization) where countries promise by signature (without any sanction other than diplomatic remembrance) that they will not solve any shortage by war. Maybe the International Court in The Hague Holland can play a role in this. Maybe the new KiloJoule trade currency (better said: no currency, but just a money creation liberated value) just designed for international trade, not based on gold but on joule, not linked to a country, not even being a real currency, but just a value anchor, will play a role in this. The times of money creation are over, the times or energy has come. In an enhanced more localized world, real values are all that matters. The Enron case has learn us that energy deals in balance sheets can be made as virtual as air, so banking in KiloJoule Value should be forbidden than, just for keeping the value clean of any speculation or financing not connected to real production capacities.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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