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When a government goes bankrupted by not being able to finance their budget deficits, that bankruptcy severely ruins foreign economies who has heavily invested in the bankrupted governmental bonds. These are (by the reason the trade deficit and the budget deficit has grown) the mostly close related nations. The assets loosing nations will be very disappointed. Thereby such situations will damage deeply the geopolitical relations and generate geopolitical irritations / bad weather. When a government invades strategic located or energy/resources rich nations (like Afghanistan, Iraq or Venezuela), this also cause certainly geopolitical bad weather. Russia her blocking of an European Gas line to Northern Middle East by signing exclusive contracts with transition countries was certainly an irritation, although it maybe is more caused by the EU talk much, act less culture than by Russian polity. Leaders cause irritation by followers. Always. Bush and Chavez are leaders. They cause by nature irritations.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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