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Governments under stress become in the huge temptation of becoming repressive. But even without the being in stress motivation: The Western World is loosing in rapidly speeds it's the USP (unique selling point) that made them prosperous (guarantying an open free society for all their inhabitants). After the 9/11 events safety has contrary become more important than freedom. This development has lead to overpowered governments, that have created (put in place) severe inhabitant controlling infrastructures that go far more further than they were ever in place in the former DDR nation from 1949 till 1989, which need to wall themselves otherwise everybody with (even just only a little) independent brain had left the country. Civil rights have become the orphan children of government and society. These structures maybe harmless in the hands of good/right true hearted leaders, but could be lethal in the hands of not so good (or even bad) leaders. Not addressed PeakOil will lead to social unrest and even social turbulence as economic systems collapse. Governments that goes further on there safety before freedom way 1) has not the right focus: avoiding PeakOil effects should be the focus and not handling PeakOil effects 2) creates governmental structures that doesn't serve the inhabits and their economies, but that services government as main target (being government is not a target destination, it is a way to serve society, not a target to rule society). These are two developments that both heads for disaster. Government is for/by people for people, there is no other sustainable or acceptable model for the Western World. Governments really need a new focus: energy instead of safety. Governments need really a new model: Decentralization instead of centralization. In economic dire straits governments needs solution creativity instead of just downsize cuts. Governments must refind their true purpose. Ensuring a free, open, creative society that use technology and natural resources to maximize maximum prosperity and wellbeing of both their civilians and companies. Government is not about fighting terror, that's just a fashion grill, government is about taking responsibility for / servicing the whole spectrum of human (and fauna/flora) life. Addressing PeakOil is huge challenge, the effects of not addressing PeakOil are severe. Governments must see that they can only serve, that they are not the motor. The motor are the people, the companies. They're the ones that must solve the PeakOil situations, not the governments. The huge challenges of PeakOil don't ask for repression, they ask for freedom. Freedom of mind, freedom of communication, solutions are born in freedom of both. Repressive governments give repressive economies. The collapse of the USSR and Eastern Europe was because governmental repression drained innovation. Fighting PeakOil is about innovation. About finding new solutions, new technologies. Why become Europe (and after that the US) leading in global economy? Because they were the inventors, their societies create and guaranteed freedom of thinking. The laws on Secrecy of Correspondence are not invented by the governments, but a result of the fight for privacy from free spirits up to the Supreme Court. Freedom doesn't come automatically. It must be liberated and that takes effort. Each nation gets the government they deserve. Collecting data and content of phone calls, email traffic, internet surfing, bank payments, credit/debit card payments, public transportation chip card data, road pricing data and search engine queries is not the way a serving government should behave. There are some good books of great thinkers about this subject. Animal Farm of George Orwell is such one. The Prometheus Deception (by Robert Ludlum, 2000) describes a world that after 9/11/2001 more and more is created. A world where also politicians are temporarily needed garbage or just dumb needed puppets on a string in the eyes of the non democratic technocratic driven system and its operators. Politicians should just for their own sake/future resist totalitarian technocratic structures. ICT is a blessing for the world, also governmental ICT, but wrong focused governmental ICT is like PeakOil also the end of the world as we know. Solving PeakOil needs freedom of mind, of thinking of structures. Economies must leave oil before oil leave them, the first is economic a little painful, the last results in full economic collapse. Not freedom of dictatorship. Maybe the Western World enjoys a repressing state more than a free state. But repressing will not give the by PeakOil needed technologies and solutions. Governments have had the last decades a criticism break due to consumerism. Both civilians and press has had last decades other priorities than freedom. Consumerism has taken them both hostage. Governments has had no tricky questions or demands for consequences when cam to public knowledge that they intentionally had lied about the existence and capability of WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) concerning the invasion in Iraq. Governments has had no tricky questions when they lied about the cause of collapse of the Building 7 of the WTC complex, in the evening of 9/11 on 17.20, 6.52 hours after the collapse of WTC1 North Tower on 10.28 and 7.21 hours after the collapse of WTC2 South Tower on 09.59 collapsed: A wide and tall 47 story high steel frame skyscraper, with 58 perimeter columns and 25 core columns, that according to governmental statements has collapsed due some small fires in 6,5 seconds (free fall of something thrown from the roof would be 5.96 seconds) although its core when down first and it leave an imploded type pill of ruble behind. The WTC7 was outside the basic square foot print of the WTC complex and farther from the Twin Towers than the Banker's Trust building, but has the same owner as the other WTC buildings. Never ever in the history of steel frame skyscrapers a skyscraper is collapsed due to fire. Substantial bigger fires that longer burning and were more inters has never collapsed a steel frame building just because steel frame building (due the fact that fire temperature can't weaken steel). The footage can be found on Other skyscraper fires never had collapsing effects: The fire in One Meridian Plaza in 1991 in Philadelphia raged for 18 hours and gutted 8 of the 38 floors completely, but the building still stands after those 18 hours. From each plane that crashes the debris is collected piece by piece by the NTSB, important parts are re-attached as much as possible to understand the cause of crash and prevent new crashed by adjusted FAA regulation due to the cause of the crash. Quoting "That is why the NTSB carefully documents aircraft crash scenes, and preserves the aircraft remains, frequently creating partial reconstructions in hangars. If an investigation reveals a mechanical or design fault, the FAA usually mandates specific modifications of equipment or maintenance procedures system-wide, and future aircraft are designed to avoid the fault." In the world there are much, much more high buildings than there are planes, investigation of the collapse of WTC7 was crucial for global tall building architecture: the rubble pile was at least as important as any archaeological dig. Yet the remains or WTC7 (that has collapsed without being hit by a plane), have been transported as soon as possible to the harbor and exported steel scrape. The total research budget for the 9/11 WTC collapse in total was $ 600.000 and was conducted by the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency): an organization with not any research track record what, specialized in down sizing turbulence as being an emergency management agency of the federal US government. Leaving each architectural company around the world with the big question: what was wrong or who lies, our steel calculations or the government, and: are all the steel tall buildings around globe that already exist and that are build right know safe? But the critic holiday for governments will come severely to an end if PeakOil hits our economies. The former/ex consumers, cut out of their consumption dream will be more critical as never before, searching for who to blame for the ending of their dream. If troubles happen, somebody has to get the blame and that certainly will be the government. If it will become officially know that the US Governments does have told the truth about 9/11, this can be lead to a collapse of US federal government. Not telling the truth about Iraq is something different than not telling the truth about 9/11. Governments that want that their economies (companies and civilians) and own existence as political leaders will not be severely hit by PeakOil and the bitterness that will come by that must immediately change their priorities, agenda and behavior. Being open about PeakOil, stimulate solution inventions, guarantee freedom and honor criticism as their guidance for staying on the right track. Reform themselves to be capable to perform in difficult times, not by dictatorial practice, but by ensuring freedom not only with words, but with their behavior. Human rights and civil freedom are damaged severely by Patriot Act legislation. The founding fathers (where there better patriots?) would have let the underwriters of the Patriot Act arrested for contempt and revocation of the Constitution. This is not an overdrawn statement. Under the Patriot Act even societal and economic essential crucial issues (like news gathering) could be seen as supporting act of terror. As to decide on time and place by the government. The war on Terror has lead us not intentionally to a War on Freedom and Democracy, this could never be the target of fighting for freedom (as all American the government certainly should support in). The Patriot Act completely undermines the open free society, which terrorist just wants to attack. We must not do that for them. Incidental terror (although the size and impact was gigantically) is no reason to leave the Constitution that has build what terrors just would attack. The legal status of everyone and everything has become more virtual than ever. The Patriot Act was signed as early as October 26, 2001 by the President. Just 45 days after 9/11, a unique remarkable never seen before timeline for designing, writing and passing a bill, making it the most hastily bill ever. Critic on this haste in passing this huge impact legislation was considered unpatriotic. Written in haste and passed to law by fear. An empty stomach is not a good political adviser has Einstein said, even so is a terror act not a good legislation advisor. Overpowered, repressive governments will deepen the effects of PeakOil (and not create an economy that avoids them) and thereby risking the exposure of the dangers of PeakOil and Climate Change to their nations. But things are changing in the US. Hollywood has made the feature movie Rendition ( Each theater in the US runs this movie about the disappearance of civil right and to much governmental overpowering. Freedom is something that lives in the deepest emotion of Americans. When safety becomes less freedom, Americans will choose freedom. The roots of the USA are 100% freedom. The roots of the Founding Fathers we're in the not much freedom celebrating parts of Europe in that days, that's why they went to America. America is based on the emotion of freedom. Therefore overpowered governmental structures will have no long life in America.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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