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The certain (as in: 100% certain) effects of PeakOil are clear to everybody who just take an evening to research, analyze and think about the consequence of first severe rising energy prices on the economy till carbons will become to expensive and create a post world after carbons are depleted or no longer used. This report is a good starter for your own research on effects of and therefore dangers caused by PeakOil. The effects of PeakOil are severe and could generate serious damage to economies and therefore to countries and the people who live in them. When PeakOil not is address it can lead to a collapse of the world economy and a world that only can support 2 instead of 6.7 billion people. PeakOil without adequate response is the end of the world/economy/society as we know it. Not addressing PeakOil is a spill of lives, economies, governments, nations.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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