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When regional tensions not be down leveled by diplomacy, but stays unsolved on high levels and each new development press the tension to higher levels, problems will occur. Tensions have mostly reasons that influence more nations. Tensioned nations seek support of other nations. Regional Blocks are formed than. When a Regional Block is of a kind of many nations to one nation the block mostly solve the problem and the tension will be down played. But when there are two Regional Block are formed (multiple regional nations to multiple nations) the consequences could be explosive, because than there is no central conflict management. The future is for real good diplomats. They can prevent huge human, economic and governmental damage. The future is also for technocrats who can solve shortages by technology. Shortages and problems with ethnical groups are the real reasons behind future wars. Shortages can be solved by technology. Not solving shortages is ordering war. Delivery time not known yet. Diplomats and technocrats. They solve the causes of war. Passive reactions on growing shortages leads to sudden severe shortages with all the regional war problems attached to that.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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