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The situation of the Great Lakes is a good example of water pollution. These Great Lakes, could supply sweet water to half of US and half of Canada, but the water is too polluted to being used for this. The pollution of the Great Lakes could become a major threat to the wealth on North East America. Terror acts of water pollutions are possible in case of huge urban population concentrations and the connected concentrated large water infrastructures. Terror can be fight by undermining civil rights. Terror can be made much more difficult by designed redundancy in the needed large supply structures. Terror can be eliminated by the decentral design of PeakOil solutions. The enhanced localized PostCarbon world will give unemployment for terrorists. Fighting terror is not an army issue. It is a technological design issue. In China there's a water shortage of two natures: 1) sweet water shortage (related to the number of people) and 2) clean water shortages (in many cases there is water, but it's polluted or contaminated and there by not suitable, even if it's there).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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