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In times of severely expensive energy, air travel and air transportation will scale back enormously. Air traffic uses too much energy related to the prosperity factor. Air traffic will be reduced by less market demand caused by its severe higher prices caused by accelerating energy prices. All air traffic related industries will suffer enormously by Peak Oil. Airports, airlines, plane manufacturers, plane maintenance companies, catering companies, cleaning companies, but also international tourism organizations, hotels and resorts will see collapsing markets with all the (pre) collapse characteristics like lower sales prices, increasing cost prices, melt down of margins/profits and bankruptcy of all the not on time to this (by energy prices caused) developments. International business will survive, and even get better by low costs and possible higher contact frequency of videocalling. International tourism will collapse severely and get an other new mainstream direction/characteristic: Less but longer trips, will replace the current more and short trip main market. National and nearby international tourism will grow severely. Hotels that are located in remote area's which aren't reached by national tourism, will be redeveloped as (service focused) luxurious apartment buildings for young elderly people.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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