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When consuming and commuting become more expensive the rural areas will gain an enormous popularity increasing. Life is about having a good life by earning an income and making the most of that. That certainly will be more possible in rural areas than in the city. Energy in suburb/rural area's will be much more cheaper by own generation (more roof/wall space per inhabitant). Food will be much more cheaper in suburb/rural areas. The quality of life will be much more better in suburb/rural area's as they get a more active social and economic life by the increased/enhanced localization development. Single functions (and that are cities) will become less popular. Real estate prices in cities will drop dramatically by the suburbanization caused by the enhanced localization development. Regions will adopt city names to 'spread, conserve and sell' their name value in international business. All companies in France may put Paris (RegionName) on their websites and letterheads, because city names have proven to be a good marketing/imago facet. Cities will be less compact. The compact city development model will be out phased.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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