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So the number of people on the world still grows every year and probably will continue to do so till 2030. World population growth is the result of birth rates and dead rates. Recent studies conclude that the growth of the world population earlier stop than the first calculated growth stopping year 2050. This because it has proven to be true that as soon people get even some prosperity and therefore can afford birth control, the birth rate figures drop instant from population growth to population stabilization (the birth rate and dead rate become equal). In 1804 there were 1.0 billion people on earth, in 1927 this number was grown to 2.0 billion, in 1959 it has become 3.0 billion, as soon as in 1987 it has become 5.0 billion and in 1999 the number excised 6.0 billion. The counter these days (only 7 years later) show + 0.7 billion on 6.7 billion. So the current grow speed is approximately 1.0 billion in 10 years, but as soon as birth control is available, population growth stops. After stabilization of the world population figure only nature, technology, peace, health, bacterial, virus caused and economic disasters will effect these figure and one huge major other facet: the expected life time of people, its world average almost has doubled in the last 100 years from 32 years than, till 67 years now, but this still can grow further by still increasing medical science and more healthy sanitation/food-nutrition/life styles. Life is a positive facet, not only young strong adults, but also new births and elder people. Everybody has an equal right to live happy and long and to have children to share life with. Only negative focused, life's pleasure don't appreciating people think otherwise. People (and certainly children) are a very positive facet of our world: Life really can be beautiful for all of us. World population growth therefore is a good thing and will stop itself (stabilize in volume) by reaching general world prosperity. But more people on earth of course automatically increase the demand for energy and other resources. The world can handle global population growth: we just need to use bio technology and energy technology more smart.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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