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In times of PeakOil is the main value we've got good bilaterals and good multilateral. The US really has a problem in this. Invading Afghanistan and Iraq and bully talk to Iran and Venezuela was not a wise thing to do. Unnecessary also. China hasn't send one soldier around the global, but the confiscating almost all the natural resources of Africa, just by friendship and co-development. China had signed the contracts to explore the Iran natural gas reserves. Cutting the US completely out of both Iran and there natural gas resources. Venezuela openly dislikes the US. The US has fights with their neighbors. In Cuba territorial waters are oil reserves. But the US has no change to buy it ever. Chavez of Venezuela organized in February 2008 in Argentina a South American / Middle East conferencing of governmental leaders of both global regions. Offensive politics are contra productive. They cost a lot of money, drain economies and only give higher oil prices and more geopolitical tensions. The US needs a governmental attitude that sizes their natural resources. Bully's have less friends in time of choices. Offensive politics also cut off the offensive nations of energy supply if the granting distribution comes on top of the price mechanism. Offensive politics is a headwind in times of PeakOil and nations like China just benefit of the offensive politics of other nations. In times of PeakOil is better to have real friend. Real friendship is not made by rifles, bombs and tanks, but by banks, by mutual interests.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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