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The Vietnam War, the collapse of the USSR, the Afghan War, and the Iraq War has showed clearly that there are limits to military means and effects. Military means are limit by economic health. Holland, Spain, Portugal, the UK, the USSR has all showed the world that, the USA will show the world that. Controlling far away countries, modern colonialism has no future at all. Military power is completely based and funded by economic importance. Declines the economic contribution of a nation in the world economy, its military power declines simultaneously (with only a suspension of several years). In a global economy, with limited resources, which are distributed based on the supply/demand dominated market model, the size of the military power of a nation is not important, but just the purchase power of a nation. When by further limit supply of resources, the prices of resources have reached their maximum level, on top of the supply/demand based market model, there will be a granting based distribution model build (supplying only friendly nations). In granting based distribution models military means are even contra productive. Granting is about friendship, with a gun/tank/jetfighter/bomb you don't make friend that will grant you their supply (unless you support majority repressing governments, but that is in future perspective not very wise). Global power is not longer about military means; it's about resources and economic independence in terms of energy, water, food, elements and capital. One nation doesn't have to fight with an other nation anymore: just cutting off supply will be enough to get their attention completely.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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