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There is certainly a soil quality limit: Soil that dries too much gets eroded. There is only a theoretical soil size limit on our planet. But the world is so gigantically huge that everybody can have the space the desire, even if there were 9 or 10 billions people on earth in 2050. The problem is that we use soil just not wisely; we just stay to close on each other and talk about over population. There is no over population, just our cities and some countries are over populated. But there are also giant empty space on the world where life can be very good and which aren't used yet. PeakOil will change the population pressure on cities by the fact that cities become economic less attractive by the PeakOil driven price rising effects for city life. Fresh food can be grown by Grow|OS even in artificial underground spaces as Grow|OS feeds them by bio (physical) technology, making cities fresh food independent, without space demand (by the artificial subsurface design of these inner/near city food production spaces). But global meat consumption on Western World levels is a certainly problem when 9 or 10 billion people do so. This is already a problem if 50% of the current 6.7 billion people should consume meat at Western World levels. Meat consumption based on current production methods requires a second planet in terms of soil. But also this development will be redrawn by PeakOil driven price caused severe less meat demand of meat in the Western World by severe higher meat prices.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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