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Communicate your research, you get interaction of other researchers and this will deepen and widen your knowledge. Proclaim the conclusions of your research to wider audience. Not you must move, the economy must move (and you as part of it will move with it). This problem will not be solved by a 'change the world, start by yourself' approach, this problem is too urgent and the effects only can be prevented by a huge economic model adjustment, otherwise also you'll find yourself also in dire straits. There is no individual island focused approach on PeakOil possible. We'll survive together of we're going down together. Research will automatically lead to publication and publication will automatically lead to awareness concerning PeakOil, its effects and the possible solutions. If the reality of PeakOil and its effects has become clear to you, it will also become clear to others as you communicate. PeakOil addressing solutions must be widely supported by both governments and corporations. If there is no reaction on PeakOil, PeakOil will hit with all its effects without any softening that reaction cold have given. Damage impact can be lowered. A wide offensive of governments, companies, organizations, households and individuals could make not a, but the difference. The consequence of not reacting are severe: high stagflation rates (inflation by negative economic growth), high unemployment percentages (which deepens the economic problems even more) and high negative economic growth percentages: a vicious downwards spiral till a new by the situation adjusting bottom is found and accompanied with economic collapse, societal chaos and geopolitical tensions. The reward for reacting is also severe: maximal maintenance of wide prosperity, no collapse, no chaos, no war and even increased well-being (as several negative facets -like traffic congestion, water pollution, or bad air quality- of the cheap carbon based economy disappears).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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