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As carbon energy supply declines, carbon energy demands grows, carbon energy exploration become more difficult, and carbon energy prices rise (not only oil, but also gas and certainly coal, coal even more than oil) by these three influences to never seen levels, ending the time of Cheap Oil/Energy and creating the time of Expensive Oil/Energy. Than it's certainly time for each nation to create/realize new energy generation. 1) realize all nations' natural carbon energy resources (oil, gas, coal and also tarsand) based possible capacities, diversify as much as possible (also in carbon energy imports of your own carbon energy deficit, both in type and supplying nations), 2) realize all nationals renewable energy resources (huge central wind, huge central solar CSP, massive decentral wind, massive decentral solar, massive decentral thermal) based possible capacity, diversify as much as possible in types and locations (also in renewable energy imports of your own renewable energy deficits, both in type and supplying nations), if prices are equal, prefer (from climate, local environment and sustainable perspectives) always the renewable option 3) realize good bilateral relations with the supplying countries, if you still needs to import carbon or renewable energy (as in asking: what can we do for you?), that insures supply when the granting distribution model come on top of the demand/supply model (as energy prices reaching their maximum levels), that cure the trade deficits that are caused by energy imports. Those three are very important. Don't wait for better times to come, the better times just must be made, realize those three. Making better times (and preventing dire straits) is as easy as realizing new energy producing capacity (or imports, if there is still an energy deficit). Diversify your supply/resources, the more diversified they are, the more secure is the supply and thereby the economy. Diversify your carbon energy types and suppliers, the more secure is the supply and thereby the economy.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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