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PeakOil is certainly a threat to the economic growth of the Western World. Economic growth in the western world we become something of the past. Maintaining prosperity in the Western World is the highest achievement possible. This is not some doom scenario, but just reality. Growth models for the Western World are not realistic fairytales, told by people with no analyzing capacities and blinded by their faith in growth, totally overlook the headwinds the Western World face in the 21st century. The differences in characteristics and outlook for both the Western World and the Emerging World are more specific analyzed and described in the Addendum of this Analysis. PeakOil is certainly a threat to the economic growth of the Emerging World. But they will grow. The energy surplus nations in the Emerging World will grow double digits a year (there are no energy deficits that slow them down). The energy deficit nations in the Emerging World also will grow, not double digit, but the will grow each year (their economies are still relatively low energy demanding). The reason is that their prosperity levels are low and therefore can rise (by severe less resistance) much more easily than the Western World. If PeakOil is addressed wisely, PeakOil will not be a disaster. PeakOil can by action, technology, business model changes, production process changes and capital be turned into a blessing. PeakOil certainly will lead to less consumption in the Western World. But PeakOil (when it is addressed wisely) can increase well-being levels in both the Western World and the Emerging World. Unaddressed PeakOil will lead the world into Armageddon, but when it's addressed it can give a good world to live in for the current 6.7 billion and the 2 billion that will join us later on by world population growth. So just research, react, reduce, realize and than: relax.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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