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Government is a virtual resource we take very much for granted, but that's a huge misconception. Government guarantees property legislation (or not). Government guarantees stability (or not). Governments guarantees security (or not). Governments guarantees freedom (or not). Government guarantees open markets (or not). Governments guarantees fair markets (or not). Governments weakens companies by profit taxes (or not). Government maintains foreign relations (or not). Governments stimulate exports by good/smart bilaterals (or not). Governments covers energy/material demands by good/smart bilaterals. Governments fight wars (or not). Government surrenders into less democratic more corporatism based continental structures (or not). Etc, etc, etc. The impact of government is huge. Therefore government is a huge virtual resource that yet can be explored very much, both in less government (where needed) and in more government (where needed). Government is about politics, something Planck Foundation don't practice as we want to serve the whole world with our analyses and models regardless their political systems/models.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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