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Renewable resources become very attractive in times of shortage of finite resources. In terms of availability, pricing and guarantee of both these facets. The sun will shine and the wind will blow. There is no additional fuel needed, which supply can be stopped or price can be lifted. This makes renewable resources very attractive these days (2007: oil +57%, coal +55%, first month 2008: coal +20% again, due heavy rain in production area's and due that some net exporters has become net importers). The large red area's on the map shows the CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) desert space demand in the North African Sahara to power the whole earth based on current electrical demand (so without the huge demand if we change to electrical cars), the small red square is the space needed for current EU power demands. It's just the investment and after that the sun or the wind power the facility day after day without daily fuel cost for free. This make business cases for renewable resources very attractive: demand is certain, investments are certain and operational costs are certain: certainness all over: making renewable resources business cases to the most beautiful business cases in the economy: investments and costs are fixed, income never lower than the current business case level and even become higher each year. Not Al Gore and the Climate Change discussion, but the current and future more energy demand than fossil energy supply, will take care for a major rollout of renewable energy facilities.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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