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The second resource mankind heavily depends on is water. In the western world water has been long time (up till now) something people took for granted. This is changing. A growing list of cities in the Western World has reached their maximum water capacity. Climate Change can cut off entire cities from their current by rain feed water sources, causing major economic damage. In China there are already cities that have grown beyond their water capacity maximum. Only a small part of the water that is used, is used for drinking purposes: cleaning, sanitation, gardens also needs a lot of water. Agriculture (major) and industry (huge) uses also large amounts of water. Without enough water we should have a completely different society. What is enough water? As much as we can afford? Or as much as we need? Or as much as we want. Till now in the western world the last option is our perception. Water can be used more than once, can be recycled by storage and purification. Beside energy there is no better example of the possibilities of renewal use of resources by use of technology than by water. Water production/purification also takes energy and therefore will be more expensive in the year to come. Water will be shipped over the oceans (like oil now is done) and than carried in pipelines to water deficit cities.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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