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Concerning shortages there are two main facets. First main facet: Resources are formed in millions of years, we used till we're through them, they aren't renewable. Resources can't grow, there are not new resources formed, they are only there to be used, till they are worn out. Second main facet (weighting the burden of the first main facet): Demand for resources rises each year enormously (by both world population growth and by world prosperity growth). Each year more and more people with more and more economic wealth desires must share shrinking supply. Globally we consume all our (even finite) resources in an each day increasing burn-rate. The combination of these two developments (declining supply and increasing demand) is double times bad luck and leads automatically to severe price rises by just the market mechanism and can even lead to shortages and (economic or practical) cut off's. The world uses in an increasing rate/speed the available limited un-renewable stocks till they are worn out (as in no longer available). Even for renewable resources there can be shortages. Renewable resources must be 'harvested' and when the 'harvesting' investments not been made, they of course can't be harvested and contribute to shortages. Technology and investments are major facets concerning the usages of renewable resources.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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