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Virtual resources (virtuals) can also have shortages. The fact that virtual resources are no material or energy resources doesn't change that. Shortages in virtual resources occur due to bad management. Capital (too much capital, leads always to too less capital afterwards), government (too much in some areas, too less in other areas), a legal system with equal rights (essential for a tensions poor society) and protecting assets (essential for building economies), IP numbers (too late implementation of IP6 delivers artificial IP number shortages). DNS domain names (too less top level domains delivers artificial domain name shortages), they are all examples of virtual resources where shortages can occur due to bad management. Shortages in virtual resources are as difficult to address as shortages in material or energy resources. There is no quantitative difference in the address difficulty of problems. Maybe virtual resources are even more difficult to address as they full are located in the most difficult to address area: human management structures. Human behaviour is difficult to change (maybe only by staging of occurring impressive events). Human made management structures (as that is what virtual resources are all about) are even more harder to change. Their treacliness is beyond any expectation. Addressing virtual shortages seems easy (as there is no material or energy involved), but is very difficult.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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