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We must change both business models and production processes. Just because the are both designed in cheap energy times and thereby has become outdated in times of expensive energy. All companies must create a helicopter view on their activities: Just set their performance targets and then ask themselves "what the way to reach these targets with the less possible energy use". This demands an overlooking view from a distance/height, a the total company's existence overlooking helicopter view. CEOs should be good in this, but they are and will be mostly buried under the demands of every day's operating business. This demands also a totally fresh view on the whole business process from the first action to the last action. This will become an area for external specialists. Process consultants: freelance independent or institutionalized in new consultancy firms. This also become an area for specialized process developing companies and universities, who license their (partial) processes to manufacturers. Changing production processes to low energy demanding models will also will become the main subject in the sector specific business media. Reducing the energy demand of the business processes will become the main market weapon in terms of cost price controlling and the main financial weapon in creating corporate profits. The general office production will be reorganized within a year after starting the transition process. There are two reasons for this. First: it can be done with standard available software models, there are less customized solutions needed. The integrated E-Dir/NAL/WindowsServer/RemoteDesktop/NovellClient combination makes it possible to do any office work anywhere. Including working phone extension and videocalling. Commuting to offices will be cut with 80% within 5 years from now. This will lead to better office productivity as people will save 2 x times a day a commuting hour. Management will have even better control and steering because new designed processes will be designed based on production and performance. The office desktop will replaced by a virtual desktop. This also will bring unknown qualities out of own employees. This process can be started by a message of the CEO. "As energy costs rises and climate change is a threat, we must do things differently, switch to a low energy demanding model. We have installed a corporate process architect, email him/her your contributions. There is also a forum/bulletin board (knowledge interaction) and a wiki (knowledge tree) installed. Both can be found at the following intranet address. Your personal login for both is connected with your personal network login."

Author: Gijs Graafland

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