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Because not all local needed power will be produced locally, and not all national needed power will be produced national, power must be transported over long distances from the CSP plants in the deserts near the equator and from the windmill parks on remote costal locations to the consumption area's. This will be done by the new HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) cables. These new international HVDC cable infrastructure also will have build-in fibers, providing new international fiber/digital connectivity (needed for the coming videocalling wave) between global North, Equatorials and South, because the HVDC networks will be go from Equatorial Zone to the both North and South located energy deficit nations. Although the Internet is redundant in design by virtual routing to IP numbers (so thought the whole Internet), start 2008 has showed that the connectivity with the Middle and Nearby East is still of low capacity and redundancy: one sea cable cut caused bad internet connections for weeks in many countries in that region. These new power demand driven (and also internet/telecom providing infrastructures) must be designed multiple way. There strategic importance is of that high value, that the must be build multiple redundant, with huge overcapacity. Otherwise the will be too easy to damage by terror acts, causing huge economic damages. The build-in fiber networks must have long distance light (ZX technology) or build-in repeaters, lambda's (light paths) providing design and the attached can be upgrades as technology increase to more and more multi-colors, making the digital transport capacity unlimited: there are unlimited light colors and that will be the unlimited characteristics of these fiber networks. These new infrastructures demands large capital resources for both manufacturing and placement and will be mostly take sea routes, because the placement costs at sea are severe lower. Maybe this HVDC development also leads to break down of the current HVAC line tower based national power infrastructures, because AC power lines have huge transport energy lost.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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