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When energy prices rise Efficiency as Solution will gain territory significant. Efficiency means doing the same, but more clever. Efficiency is about maintaining prosperity levels by high energy prices for the same (or even less) cost. Efficiency is taking the large parts of our energy consumption and formulate an more efficient answer on it. An example: achieving efficiency in light as first step is rather stupid: light only consumes a small fraction of our energy consumption. Efficiency in light is symbol politics practiced by politicians with no clear view on overall percentages at all and are by their lack of insight perspective mainly driven by the lobby big brands that want to profit from some changes. Led based light is super (cheap in CAPEX, cheap in OPEX). Mercury based savings lamps are stupid. They pollute the environment voluminous with the heavily toxic mercury: they are just a result of lobby to not very smart politicians. Much better ways to address efficiency can be found in the heat/cold technology. Air conditioners and heating equipment and/or methods. Changes in this field contributes significant in lowering the overall energy consumption by delivering the same want heating or cooling. These changes for cooling can be pushing cool night air into buildings during night time, or blocking the sun to enter the windows during day time for cooling, etc. Both are very cheap and delivers huge lower energy use for cooling. These changes for heating are insulating buildings so that the generated warmth doesn't leak very easy out of the building. This is some what more expensive, but delivers a huge ROI after investment (medium CAPEX, lowing overall OPEX). In energy terminology efficiency is named: negative-barrels (negative oil consumption, called after the). Nega-barrels are the biggest /easiest to explore energy source. Each nation can become the Saudi Arabia of nega-barrels by taking some small measures on cooling/heating. Each government in the Western World (where economic growth is over) should have an official nega-barrel target (notated in: NB).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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