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The whole current agricultural system of commodities, dairy and fresh food is based on chemical fertilizers based growth. Chemical fertilizers are made by of air based N by use of large quantities of fossil fuel. The energy use (and thereby the price level) is: natural gas 100%, oil 130%, and coal 170%. Bio tech based fertilizers must be developed. Algae's that can be sprinkled on the soil simultaneously with sowing, capturing by biological powered process N from the air into or on soil. Furthermore the whole fresh food production in the northern parts of the world is based on very fossil energy intensive low tech types greenhouse agriculture. These old greenhouse will deliver food against very high prices by the fossil energy use of them. Grow|OS is an open source agricultural Operating System that facilitates bio physical powered growth instead of fossil energy powered growth. Greenhouses could be located underground in/near cities, avoid transport costs and avoiding land use. Grow|OS is a software gateway bridge between greenhouse equipment and Crop Profiles (best settings of all equipment for a crop that gives the maximal growth in the shortest time against lowest energy costs). Crop Profiles addresses Grow|OS. Grow|OS addresses the equipment. By Grow|OS farmers don't have to become high tech specialists and device manufacturers don't have to become farmers. Crop Profiles contains the knowledge of the best farmer in digital sensor and feeding settings. Fresh food production in underground high tech spaces will become a capital driven industry where Crop Profiles are playing the ruling part and Grow|OS and the greenhouse devices/equipment just facilitate the Crop Profiles. The development of Grow|OS as switchboard between equipment and best settings, make it possible 1) for the greenhouse devices hardware industry just to port to Grow|OS and their equipment than can be used in each Crop Profile, without porting to each Crop Profile individually, and 2) for the greenhouse crop profile specialists (the ones with a deep knowledge of a specific crop) to define the best Crop Profile for there specific crop without the need to address all needed equipment directly. Grow|OS is build on Linux and is open source, but facilitates intellectual property protection for Crop Profile manufacturers. Agricultural Universities, Sees Enhancers and high qualified farmers will be the 'manufacturers' of Crop Profiles. Crop Profiles uses a lot of Bio Physical techniques (like light) and represses the need for GMO (Genetically Manipulated Organisms).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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