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Elements are the real issue, because they're really finite and can't be replaced by other sources, as can in case of energy. Energy certainly can be generated renewable. Can. We don't do it know. But we will be. When? If the price of fossil energy makes that renewable energy is cheaper than fossil energy. When will that happen? It is happened end of 2007. So yesterday. As said in the Management Summary: The size of the world population we can not steer, the prosperity demand of the world population we can not steer, the size of the natural resources we can not steer. The facets we can steer are technology, organization and capital. And as world community we are good in all these three. Very good. We need renewable energy capacity, both remote and domestic. We need financial structures to finance these investments. And we need to change business models and production processes: they're designed in times off cheap energy and need an energy factor revision.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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