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An energy transition to local renewable production capacity is the ultimate solution. No other costs besides 1) on (possible long period spread) investment write downs that can have the same timeline as the repayments, 2) the finance interest, 3) some insurance and 4) some maintenance. But with two huge benefits: 1) no daily fuel costs (a huge benefit in times of PeakOil and the attached high fuel prices) and full independent (a huge benefit in times of PeakOil with power cuts and power shortages dangers). Each roof, each wall, each window (when transparent PV technology enters the market) will be used. When higher surface/power capacities will reach the market new capacity will be added on different locations. Decentral energy generation funds will hire in long term contracts roof/wall/window space and supply the user which contracts will be part of the house by a sale. The same marketing/finance model of mobile phones will be deployed on power/water.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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