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One of the strange solutions is that we must stimulate local economy and society importance more and more. Certainly a more local vital economy and more local vital societal is equal to less energy use. In times of more expensive energy this gives most value for money. This is easily said, but represents major economic and societal changes. Changes that are too huge to steer, but that steering is also not needed: the energy market, the ICT market and the media market will realize this automatically: The energy market by its effects of less commuting and less transport caused by high energy prices. The ICT market by making the remote desktop technology and XML based desktops widely low cost available. The media market by improved geo-targeted ad technology and geo-targeted publishing technology. Localization is a huge part of the solution and comes for free. Of course this is a challenge for companies, for national governments (bye traffic congestion, bye roadpricing, hello complete set of new policy facets), for regional/national governments, for ICT companies, for media companies. But all these changes will be market drive and the first who understand localization will get the main part of these more blue ocean type of markets (attractive new markets where developments are more importance than competitor ship).

Author: Gijs Graafland

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