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The mega divorce wave of the last 50 years that has gone though western society has caused a major spill of resources. This is not an old fashion reactionary vision, but just a mathematical conclusion, confirmed in the last years by several environmental research institutions (who have the guts to address also political not sexy issues) in the last years. The global environment and the global resources situation are better off with purchasing a SUV and daily fueling, than by getting a divorce. Good divorces are good for prosperity (as in: the well being facet of it). Unnecessary divorces are they really there? When the economic going tough, divorce rate will certainly become much more lower. In times of economic headwind caused by high prices resources, people certainly will put more effort in trying to get a relation back on the right track. Because divorce will be more and more equal to severe less prosperity for both parties involved.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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