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Governmental structures can burden or facilitate economic development and prosperity. The major thing governments must see that they aren't able to be the motor of their economy (that's the market which is driven by companies), but that they are certainly able to be the steer wheel of their economy. This major difference in function is crucial. History has learned the world that when corporations become beside the motor also the steer wheel of their society (extreme capitalism) prosperity levels are heavily damaged. On the other hand history also has taught us that when governments becomes beside the steer wheel also the motor of their society (extern socialism) prosperity levels also are heavily damaged. When governments tries to become beside the steer wheel of economy also the motor of the economy results this in major governmental spills of resources (energy and elements). When governments return to their true function as steer wheel of their economies many resources spills of their own function as of their governmental market entrances will be stopped and by this general prosperity levels will grow. Governments also can play a huge role in forcing back spills by transforming their taxation model away from labor tax to consumption tax. This encourages a more services society. Services are labor intensive and scores high on prosperity measuring scales. Lower labor costs by putting the tax pressure on consumption is good for resource spill avoiding (a waste based economy is an economy where labor is more expensive than resources) and also very good for the global market position of their country. Governments also spill resources by addressing the past. PeakOil is almost only a governmental issue in the USA and Israel (seen from energy deficit point of view). All other energy deficit governments are still working/focused on terror, roadpricing and designing megahubs if there is no PeakOil situation at all.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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