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High speed and cheap in cost per price/km-mile transport is a very positive facet of prosperity. It has made trade of products more easily and reduced the cost of trade enormously and thereby contribute huge to prosperity. But when energy and resources prices rises transport costs become more important and there is a lot of transport spill that can be avoided. By our open market system this is mainly just done by the market price mechanism: making the transport cost of products from further away higher than the cost of transport of products from nearby. Also in transportation there is an extra transport avoiding ongoing development in the current localization facets in advertising and price calculation based on geo-location data (latitude and longitude positions). Higher transport (caused by higher energy costs and higher resources costs) costs will reduce the 'food miles' our fresh food currently has. Higher transport costs and improved localization technology in advertising, sales and distribution will support avoiding transport spills automatically without any governmental policy need to address the transport spill of energy and resources. Avoiding the transport spill contribute to maintaining and growing of prosperity levels.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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