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Awareness about possible heading problems is one thing. Knowing the situation by analysis is an other thing. But after that knowing how to address it and stimulate the needed changes is the next issue of importance. Every nation, every company and every household must make its own action plan as response on PeakOil. This analysis has an Action Plan attached. Using this as a blueprint will be a major headwind in defining the own specific solution for your economy, government, company or household. Action Plans give guidelines and are common sense crea­tors. Making an action plan is a certain solution and part one of the action plan is creating and/or stimulating awareness. Where awareness grows and willingness to act follows, there is a need for an open Action Plan, a open Finance Model and distributed Management that knows how to use the Action Plan and the Finance Model. An Action Plan makes instant realization in an open/free franchise like setting possible. Planck Foundation has developed an Action Plan that can be implanted everywhere easily. It just takes the initiative of the government or (for the first stage) local NGOs. It delivers both voluminous communication as income for media and their users and social network and their users. It's Make A Change Now and delivers the 'Bye Oil, Hello Sun' media and their users and social networks and their users focused engine: A turnkey digital exposure/finance model for solar energy (PV) installations. It attaches global demand (endusers) with global supply (manufacturers and financiers), powered by both third party large media/communication volume and by facilitation of enduser/enduser communication. It combines delivering information with offering an easy/practical solution/answer. Full Digital: Replacing the old/tradition very high cost (importer/wholesaler/retailer) distribution model (with its 50-150% cost price surplus), by a digital very lowcost/advanced model with only 4% cost price surplus: 2% exposure fee (1% media + 1% social networks) and 2% handling fee (1% order/finance handling + 1% service/warranty handling). Very Efficient: The low cost 4% digital model delivers PV to endusers for only 1.04 of the manufacturers prices, which will boost PV market demand severely, as PV ROI gets attractive. On the other hand PV manufacturers will get as much as 0.96 of the enduser prices, which will boost PV market supply, as PV ROI gets attractive for them too. Financiers also get by these low PV prices more product/output collateral, making PV finance attractive to them. Very Effective: It makes PV much more cheaper, as it reduces the cost of both investment and finance severely. Also making getting PV very easy: PV is just some mouse clicks away. Serving the interests of all stakeholders (endusers, media, manufacturers and financiers). Open calculation delivers the transparency needed for all parties. Capable to deliver a quick/massive transition away from fossil energy towards solar energy. Very Attractive: Every company/organization with a communication volume can use the 'Bye Oil, Hello Sun' communication technology for creating an extra income stream (1% of PV investments of their corporate relations) on this coming huge investment wave away from oil towards solar power, while building also an improved brand experience. PV owners that use the offered social technology to promote PV can earn 1% on PV purchases of their private relations. Start Today: The 'Bye Oil, Hello Sun' engine is only accessible from connected sites of media, organizations, chains and social networks. Companies that also want to earn income on the huge transition away from oil towards solar energy can request a connection kit. The print screens of the 'Bye Oil, Hello Sun' engine can be found at

Author: Gijs Graafland

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