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Bio technology will become the other frontrunner in technological development, besides energy technology. Silicon Valley her research and venture capital is already switching away from computer technology. Bio technology has the huge opportunity to feed its own process energy. For energy intensive processes this is in times of PeakOil a huge technological head start. Bio technology is just in the beginning of its technological growth. After the invention of cheese it was several thousand years very quiet on the bio tech. The huge advantages make currently in bio tech research and in realization of bio tech based production lines are certainly a huge tail wind in times of PeakOil. All fossil energy based processes will be redesigned. Bio chemical processes will take over these huge markets in production processes. Bio chemical technology brings its own process energy. Fossil raw material for industrial processes is not more and not less than just a lot of formerly cheap C and H supply. Bio chemical technology will take the C from agriculture of from the air and the H from agriculture of just from water. Industrial processes based on bio technology brings their own process energy, it will be powered just by the sunlight and its warmth. Bio technology will become the future mainstream production method in all the now fossil C and H supply based production processes. Bio technology also will just out phase some industrial processes. The fertilizers of the future are not made in factories, but just on the soil, but algae that are spread on the soil before or simultaneously with sowing.

Author: Gijs Graafland

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